Fine Art by Nuné Asatryan  
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"Ms. Asatryan's work is very intriguing in the direction of Surrealism since she encapsulates very interesting and original ideas in a style that is so difficult to work in. Very few women have contemplated working in a surrealist style and she is in the company of very famous artists like: Ernst, Miro, Ernst Fuchs, and Dali."

Monique Goldstrom, Pres.
Monique Goldstrom Gallery NY ,NY

"I had the occasion to follow the career of artist Nuné Asatryan, observing show after show, the growth of her personality and her uniqueness. It was clear that her artistic gift was a true professional vocation. She never limited herself by creating merely art forms: she went beyond the texture of her paintings to communicate to us a conceptual message."

Nazenie Garibian de Vartavan
Art Critic and Historian
Paris, France

"I was immediately attracted by Nuné's artwork. The powerful daring Nuné was not just beautiful but very imaginative. She has received widespread acclaim and recognition by experts and authorities in Armenia, Russia, Europe and USA. Her artwork are original, creative and scholarly. She is an artist gifted with intelligence and possesses outstanding creative qualities."

Alexander Zakharov
multiple award wining artist